Climate: Tropical

Population: None (100% human, when restored)

Andorus is the original home of all Ecomancers, the only known magic-users of Mer. Although all Andorians have the ability to use ecomantic magic, the power of such magic varies from individual to individual. Also, due to the dispersion of the Andorian people, the Andorian race has intermingled with other Merian races, thus spreading ecomantic powers throughout Mer's many cultures.


For hundreds of years, Andorus thrived under the guardianship of the Viva Tree, a huge, fifteen-story tree whose roots stretched from shore to shore across Andorus. This tree was the main source of ecomantic magic, the center of all Andorian life and furnished all physical and mental sustenance for the entire Andorian race. Andorian legend states that the island itself is nothing more than a layer of earth covering the massive root system of the mighty tree. In fact, this is not far from the truth, as the Viva Tree is a highly magical entity that is one with the land and which shares its very essence.

When Dark Water pervaded Mer, it denuded Andorus of all flora and most of its fauna, with only a few hundred ecomancers escaping what has come to be known as the Great Wave of Black Death. Even the mighty Viva Tree could not withstand the Wave's onslaught and placed itself in stasis until it could find sufficient power to be reborn.


Andorus was once a beautiful island, with crystal-clear water, lush foliage, rolling hills, and a city with a population of well over two thousand. However, on the fateful day of the Great Wave of Black Death, the Viva Tree, in an effort to escape the fate of Dark Water, removed its presence from the land. Now, all that is left of Andorus is the skeletal remains of the once great tree, a barren land covered with stagnant pools of Dark Water and a deserted, ruined city.