"Blast you to the abyss!"
"Twist my soul!"
Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: Ageless
Hair: Black
Height: 7' 7"
Weight: 512 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: Pirate Sea Lord
Friends: None, Who'd trust him?
Likes: Power, treasures and gold, watching his opponents squirm
Dislikes: Ren, anything good
Hometown: Island of Stalagor, planet of Mer
Production Information
Voiced by: Brock Peters till his death in 2006, David Ogden Stiers
Bloth is a savage alien pirate and the main antagonist of the series.
Bloth from comic book

Bloth as portrayed in Marvel comic book

This cold-blooded high seas marauder sails in search of the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. He kidnapped Primus and held him aboard his monster warship, The Maelstrom, trying to get information as to the whereabouts of the Treasures the King had his captains hide. When Primus escaped and passed the mantle of the quest over to his long lost son, Ren, Bloth went after the youth with a vengeance. Now they are sworn enemies, and the race to find the jewels comprises the central conflict of the Dark Water series.

Bloth will stop at nothing to gain the Treasures, which will give him the power to control Dark Water and thus rule the planet for his own profit. With his bloodthirsty cutthroat crew, this ruthless pirate raves anything and anyone who stands in the way of his evil mission.

He is quick to fly into a rage and has been known to throw members of his own crew into the pit of the horror-beast, the Constrictus, which he keeps in the massive hold of his ship.

Bloth is a fearsome fighter who, despite his huge size, has great agility and speed. He can also play the diplomat when it suits his needs. A cunning manipulator, Bloth is able to draw on his wealth of historical information about Merian legend and lore and use it to turn any situation to his own good. He has a photographic memory... especially about anyone who has ever crossed him.

Bloth's Achilles Heel is that he fancies himself a cut above the scum who sail his ship. In truth, he's only another hardened salt cully, but he's forever looking for ways to align himself with a better class of Merian. Ren is able to use this against Bloth, tricking him into situations where the corpulent pirate can be strung by his own bloated ego.


  • Bloth can hold breath for a very long time
  • He is strong as an ox. He is even stronger than Morpho and his supernatural strength granted by the Dark Dweller.
  • He was voiced by the Late Brock Peters, and if the series continued David Ogden Stiers would take over.
  • He is similar to Ursula because of his constant need for the Treasures, and to G'Norga because of his love of being evil.