Dagron Master

Dagron Master & his Dagron suit.

He is an elderly character on the island that sells Dagrons. He is also a sorcerer and created an armor that turns people into Dagrons. He is shown to be a mixture of Human and Dagron, and has a similarity to the Grinch, and Ganon. Voiced by the late Keen Curtis.


A pair of Dagrons.

Dagrons are dragon-like creatures, mixed with wyvern and chinese dragons, only they are a beast of burden for Bloth and his crew mates, which includes Konk.

  • They have red fur on their necks and top of their heads.
  • They have worn out spots on their wings similar to Lord Maliss's Dragon forms wings from Happily Ever After.
  • Their screech sounds are similar to the Pterodactyls on "Dink the Dinosaur", "SWAT KATS", and other 90's TV series.