Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Hair: Brown
Height: 4' 0"
Weight: 208 lbs.
Eyes: golden yellow
Occupation: Bloth's grunt
Friends: Ioz
Likes: Gloating and praise
Dislikes: Being fed to the Constrictus, Bloth's wrath
Hometown: Island of Grutlamir, planet of Mer
Voiced by: Tim Curry
Konk is Bloth's pompous grunt and whipping post.

This cleaver-wielding pegleg serves as Bloth's grunt and doer of all dirty work. If there's a suicide mission to be undertaken, the pirate commander will unfailingly tap Konk for the job. Even though Konk has proven he will stoop to the lowest depths possible to please his commander, this pontificating pork belly does grate on you, and Bloth's not above booting the foul mouthed braggart down into the Constrictus's hold on a regular basis, just to keep his kicking foot in practice.

More than a bit pompous, Konk loves to brag about his deeds, often blowing them hilariously out of proportion. However, despite all his bold statements, Konk is a coward at heart, and would sell his mother to weasel out of the slightest danger. But from the looks and smell of this vile character, no one would buy his mother even if the transaction occurred in the pit of the darkest cave, in the middle of a blinding midnight storm!

Konk looks like a bulldog with a peg leg. A short alien, he has an oversized belly that makes him walk with a comical waddle...which he insists is a swagger! His head is unusually large, perpetually empty, and his face is frozen in a permanent scowl. You'd be scowling too, if you had to go what he goes through.

Konk has the IQ of warm lunch meat, and is usually the first target when Ren and company set out for some up close dealings with Bloth's band of pirates.

Trivia Edit

He is one of the first animated Characters to be voiced by Tim Curry.