Maelstrom - color
Mealstrom and Wright

Maelstrom and Wright comparison

This colossal warship is the latest in Merian destructive eco-technology. It is built from the bleached carcasses of leviathans, and resembles a gargantuan floating fossil. The masts are visible as the giant creatures’ vertebrae. Massive rib cages serve as jail pens and holding cells below the immense deck. Its enormous size is a tribute to Bloth’s bloated ego and is its one drawback.

Below the main deck sits a labyrinth of passageways, sewer lines, holding cells and slaves’ quarters. An entire subculture exists within the bowels of this monstrous vessel.

A small armada can be released for ship-to-shore activity, and for negotiating waterways where The Maelstrom would never fit.

Like a modern aircraft carrier, the Maelstrom is equipped with air power in the form of dagrons, pterodactyl-like reptile beasts, semi-trained to carry a rider. These one-seater beasts have been trained to take pirates aloft on raiding missions, but are erratic vehicles at best, sometimes eating their own riders in mid-flight!

In the center of this death vessel dwells the dreaded Constrictus. This massive water beast sports four tentacle-like heads, each with a set of savage jaws. Being eaten by the Constrictus would be compared to jumping into a meat grinder. This beast is in the heart of the ship, its deadly core.