Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Hair: Black
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Powder blue
Occupation: Second in command to Bloth, battle strategist
Friends: his gold
Likes: Gold, winning wagers
Dislikes: Losing at anything
Hometown: Island of Qui-Qua, planet of Mer
Production Information
Voiced by: Peter Cullen
Mantus is Bloth's cool, cruel and coldhearted second in command. He is a gambler and is always making bets with the crewmen of the Maelstrom.


Tall, with a thin, reedy frame, Mantus gives the impression that he's with a fragile creature. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though his limbs and extremities--hands and feet--are unusually long, he has the strength and bearing of a praying mantis. His insectoid visage is amplified by his large steely blue eyes, and a wide lower jaw with protruding tusk-like teeth. Like a praying mantis, he has an unbelievable leap range. He can spring, from a standing position, almost twenty yards, to pounce on an enemy...or a pile of booty.


His cool and calculating personality makes him the perfect battle strategist for Bloth's feet. In contrast to his commander's devastating emotional swings, he is always cool-headed and emotionless in battle--as well as in life. He is a schemer who revels in elaborate and creative maneuvers to snare Ren and the crew of the Wraith.

Mantus is a gambler and is always making bets with the crewmen of the Maelstrom...bets he usually wins, even if in an underhanded way! Distrusting even his closest friends, Mantus has his gold carried by an alien slave who stays with him at all times. Pity the poor soul that touches this alien's gold!

Though he is only second in command, Mantus considers himself smarter than Bloth. However, he would never let on to this fact in front of the bloodthirsty pirate. The only place he ever voices this is late at night in his quarters. There, he records his strategic victories of the day, reciting them to his pet, Memorrat. This colorful alien creature resembles a parrot with fangs and a dragon's hindquarters. It is trained as a recording device for Mantus's log. It can remember everything it has ever been told, and has the ability to parrot it back when the proper code word is given. If Bloth were to hear the vile thoughts Mantus has store in this Memorrat's memory, he'd keel haul his second in command and feed him to the Constrictus... one body part at a time! There is no honor among these thieves!


Mantus is voiced by Peter Cullen who is known for playing Optimus Prime from Transformers and Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.