Morpho's face

Half human, half beast.

Morpho as human

Morpho before the change

Morpho and Ioz

Morpho strangling Ioz

Morpho is one of the Dark Dweller's minions.

History Edit

Once he was a man, an alchemist named Morpho, who sought to control the most powerful being on Mer for his own ends. The Dark Dweller was too strong for him to be controlled, but instead of destroying ambitious alchemist he made him his trusted servant, a creature of two worlds. Now Morpho is helping him conquer, by turning his enemies into the Dark Disciples.

Until Octopon was liberated by Ren and his crew, Morpho was residing in old Primus' castle commanding the army of Dark Disciples. After than Morpho allied with Bloth affering him help in finding Treasures of Rule.

Appearence Edit

Right side of Morpho's body is human, and the other side has been transformed into more bestial look - green, wats covered skin, yellow eye, snorkel sticking from his face and tentacle instead of an arm. These are the only visible changes as Morpho covers rest under his dark robes.

Powers Edit

Servant of the Dark Dweller: As half monster Morpho is incredibly strong. His tentacle arm can easily lift few adult humans or crush through stone wall. He is also resistant to Dark Water and can communicate with his master through it.

Alchemist: After change Morpho kept his proficiency in the art of alchemy. His craft allowed him to create Dark Disciples or change souls between two people.