PoDW-7 This is a transcription for A Drop of Darkness episode of Pirates of Dark Water series.

Ioz: I don't like it.
Tula: Could be trouble.
Niddler: No one can hold their breath for that long!
Ioz: That's it--I'm going after him.
Tula: Wait...I sense something.
Ren: I've got it! I've got the Treasure!
Ioz: It's about time! You're as slow as a sea-slug.
Ren: You needn't worry about me, Ioz.
Ioz: Who said I was worried?
Ren: Isn't it a beauty?
Tula: It by far outshines all the others!
Ioz: Not to mention, it's the biggest.
Niddler: When am I gonna get to hold it?
Ioz: Hah! Last time you held the Treasure, you almost dropped it into the mouth of a leviathan!
Niddler: Well, he surprised me!
Tula: Noy Jitat...this feeling! Dark Water dead ahead!
Ren: Ioz, hard to port!
Niddler: The Treasure!
Ren: Oh no!
Ioz: Dark Water, port said!

Niddler: The jewel--we're going to lose it!
Ren: Whoa! I got it!
Ioz: No thanks to our fumbling featherhead.
Niddler: I'm not the one steering like a kreld-cruising sea hog!...Hey! Who put out the sun?
Ren: What in the name of Octopon? It's headed for the Dark Water!...That pilot's in big trouble! Niddler, you've gotta help him.
Niddler: But Ren--Dark Water and monkeybirds...don't mix!
Ren: No time for debate, Niddler, you're the only one who can fly!
Niddler: Noy Jitat--sometimes having wings can be a curse. Hold on, I've got you!...Oh, Ren! We've got a problem!
Ren: Chongo-longo! No time to lose--only one chance to save him.
Niddler: For a second, we almost became Dark Water soup!
Tula: What in the name of Mer did you think you were doing?
Cray: I needed a sample of Dark Water for my experiments. I'm an alchemist--Cray's the name.
Niddler: He's a woman!
Cray: And which one of you might be captain of this vessel?
Ren: That would be me, ma'am. My name is--
Cray: Primus??
Ren: No--Ren. Primus was my father.
Cray: By the moons of Mer, your eyes, your face, you're--you're the very picture of him!
Ren: You knew him?
Cray: Only too well.
Ioz: Ren--we've got more visitors!
Bloth: Hah. The Wraith cannot hope to outrun us at full gale!
Ren: Blast that Bloth--one of us should have been on watch.
Cray: Perhaps I can help.
Ren: By the mist of Malgar!
Konk: Unusual weather.
Bloth: Rhah! That boy's got more tricks than a sea-circus side show!
Ioz: I imagine our old foe is fairly misty-eyed right now. Which way, Ren?
Cray: Head west. You can take refuge at my citadel. The least I can do is provide you with warm beds and some hot meals.
Niddler: Hot meals? I almost forgot they came that way!

Ren: Chongo-longo, what a bedroom!
Ioz: Yes, with a bed fit for a king. Ahhh...
Ren: You can play sea polo in a chamber this big!
Niddler: Well, what do you think? I really like the shoes.
Ren: Niddler, you can't wear other people's clothes.
Niddler: Cray said, "Make yourself at home," didn't she?
Ioz: Next you'll be curling your feathers.
Tula: She sure has been hospitable...I wonder why.
Cray: Your friend sounds suspicious, Ren.
Tula: We're just not used to the royal treatment, Cray.
Cray: The prince of Primus deserves nothing less than the best, my dear.
Ren: You still haven't told me how you knew my father.
Cray: I suppose it does no harm to tell you. You see, at one time, your father was my--suitor.
Ioz: You and Primus??
Cray: Don't look so surprised by it. I was a beauty in my time. Oh, you should have seen us at the palace balls! He had to dance with all the ladies, of course, but I was his favorite. We had so much in common--music, travel, sailing! You couldn't have imagined a more perfect match. I was sure he was learning to love me...when I found out I had a rival. It was your mother, Ren. I'm afraid I did not take it well. I left Octopon soon after--there was no reason to stay. And so, I ended up making a life for myself here.
Ren: Don't you get lonely?
Cray: Oh, I enjoy the solitude. I don't care much for people. They can be so...untrustworthy. But enough of this prattle, come--you and I have more important matters to discuss.

Cray: So, you see, in order to continue my research into Dark Water, I need samples. Unfortunately, I've grown too old to obtain them myself.
Ren: But Cray, what possible good can come from Dark Water?
Tula: It's a completely evil substance!
Cray: Sometimes it takes a little evil to make things right, my child.
Ioz: I wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten-foot trident.
Cray: Not even for ten-thousand kruegers?
Ren: I--I'm sorry, Cray, but we have our own quest to follow.
Cray: Twenty-thousand.
Ioz: Ren! Twenty-thousand kruegers!
Ren: Dark Water for money? No, Ioz!
Cray: You can't imagine how desperate I am for it! Thirty-thousand!
Ren: No, Cray, I won't put my crew in that kind of danger! We have a world to save. Please, understand.
Cray: If that's your answer, so be it. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time I prepare your beds.
Tula: I sense trouble with her, Ren.
Ren: Don't worry, we'll be out first thing in the morning.

Cray: Well, I have met your boy...the son who could have been ours. Oh, Primus, I would have done anything for you--given you anything! Instead, I wasted my youth loving you. Rhah! But now, I have your son, and with his help, I will regain the past--I swear it!

Tula: Huh? Cray! What are you--ohhh...

Ren: Come on, Tula, time to go!
Ioz: Noy Jitat, why won't she wake?
Cray: Your pretty friend sleeps the sleep of a thousand dreams, and only I can wake her!
Ioz: The antidote! Now!
Cray: If you use the blade, Tula will sleep for all time. But if you bring me back Dark Water, I will give you what you need to save her.
Ren: But why are you doing this?
Cray: Because your father owes me! And you're the one who's going to pay.
Ren: But Tula is totally innocent!
Cray: It's not the first time an innocent suffers! Here--this is made from leviathan skin. It will contain the Dark Water, but be quick--the longer she sleeps, the harder it will be to waken her.

Ioz: Dark Water. Starboard bow.
Ren: Here's the Treasure, Niddler. All you have to do is let it touch the Dark Water. But be careful, one drop can be deadly!
Niddler: Don't forget, I expect ten--twenty--a hundred minga-melons for this!
Ren: Whoa!...I can't imagine what good Cray can do with this!
Niddler: But at least Tula will be saved.
Ioz: We're on our way!
Ren: Great moons of Mer!
Bloth: Hand over the Treasures, boy!
Ren: Come and get them, you kreld-eating worm!
Niddler: Uh, Ren, let's not make him mad...
Bloth: Take care of these swine!
Pirates: Grrrr--whoaaah!
Ren: Here's a treasure for you, Bloth!
Pirate: Eaahh--Dark Water!
Bloth: You've contaminated my ship-! Close the intakes! Open the hatch! Get this abomination out of my ship!
Konk: But Lord Bloth! You open the hatch, you lose Ren!
Bloth: And if I lose my ship, you lose your head!
Konk: Good point.
Bloth: I'll deal with you yet, boy!
Ioz: Is there enough left for Cray?
Ren: Let's hope so.

Cray: Oh, yes. More than enough. I knew you could do it my boy.
Ren: What about the antidote?
Cray: Tell Tula good morning from me. Oh, I've waited decades for this moment! All I needed was that one final ingredient--a drop of darkness! Yes! skin! Just as I hoped! I've regained my youth! And perhaps, the dreams of my youth...
Ren: She's coming around.
Tula: Oh--what happened? I'm so tired...
Niddler: You're tired? We've been doing all the work!
Tula: Ohh--so dizzy.
Ren: Stay here. I'll get some water.
Cray: Oh, Ren! What do you think?
Ren: Who--who are you?
Cray: Come into the sunlight where you can see me better. Now, how do I look?
Ren: Uh, very pretty--do I know you?
Cray: Of course! And now you can see why getting the Dark Water was so important to me!
Ren: Cray?? But--how--?
Cray: I used it in a potion! Oh, don't look so fearful--this is destiny, don't you see? How else can it be that I've been given a second chance to marry the Prince of Octopon?
Ren: Marry? What are you talking about?
Cray: Your strength, my power...your nobility, my's a timeless match...
Ren: Whoa. Now--now hold on, I-I-I--I've gotta get back to my friends, our Quest--
Cray: Yes, the Quest! You don't need Ioz or the bird or that fool girl, not with my powers! We can do it together! Just you and me, Primus...
Ren: It's Ren.
Cray: Oh--yes, Ren, of course. I know who you are!

Tula: I'm starting to feel better.
Ioz: Where'd Ren go for that water, Janda-Town?
Ren: We've got a problem. It's Cray.
Tula: What magical mischief is she up to now?
Cray: Leave them out of this, Ren.
Niddler: Tell me it's the light!
Ren: You're not seeing things clearly. This love between us doesn't exist--we're strangers! Try to understand--you can't bring back the past!
Cray: Understand this, my prince--I will not be scorned twice!
Ren: -hey! She's got the Treasures!
Cray: There will be no Quest, my love--you're staying with me!
Ren: Is there another way out?
Niddler: Not through here--especially now!
Konk: The Wraith! Ren must be here.
Cray: What business brings dagron riders to my citadel?
Mantus: We've come to claim the boy. And his, uh, cargo.
Cray: Ren is my prisoner. And as for his treasures, they're mine!
Mantus: And how do you intend to stop us?...What wizardry is this?
Konk: Your tricks may stop us, but not captain Bloth!
Cray: Captain? A captain, hmm? Perhaps we can strike a bargain after all...
Bloth: She wants me to what??
Mantus: Perform a marriage ceremony for her.
Konk: She says she'll give the Treasures to the captain who marries her and Ren.
Bloth: She will, eh? By Goda's guts, I'll do it! The poor'll be the shortest marriage on record!
Niddler: Some thief you are, Ioz--it's been two hours!
Ioz: There.
Ren: Quietly, now...huh? Bloth?
Bloth: Has the young groom gotten cold feet?
Ren: What's that supposed to mean?
Bloth: Why, I've come to preside at your wedding! And as luck would have it, we have best man, a maid of honor, and a ring let's move! I hate to keep the bride waiting. This ceremony shall be short and sweet. Of course, if I were you, I wouldn't count on much of a honeymoon...ahh, the fair bride. Let the wedding begin!
Tula: Her hair!
Bloth: Ready, my dear?
Cray: Oh, yes.
Ren: Cray--your face!
Cray: What? Noooo!
Bloth: Guard the prisoners!
Cray: There has to be an answer!
Bloth: This charade is over! Give me the Treasures, woman!
Cray: But the potion! I've got to find a way--I've got to stop--
Bloth: Enough!
Cray: Nooooo! You blackard[?]--you've destroyed all hope!
Konk: Uh, Bloth, guests are waiting!
Bloth: This wedding is off! I want the crew to search every square inch of this castle for the Treasures.
Konk: What about Ren?
Bloth: I'll get rid of him personally.
Cray: No...not the boy...can't let him...
Bloth: All right, lads, the party is over--especially for you!
Pirate: Ooh, pretty bubble--yeaah!
Bloth: By krub, what's this?
Ren: Get to the Wraith! I'll join you as soon as I can! Cray? Cray!
Cray: Go! You must go!
Ren: Can you--get on your feet?
Cray:'s too late...
Ren: Oh, Cray, I'm so sorry. Whatever my father did to hurt you I--
Cray: It wasn't his fault. I just couldn't let go of the past. Forgive me--please, take this as a remembrance.
Ren: Cray--!
Niddler: Where is that Ren?
Ioz: Good timing!
Bloth: You'll both curse the day you talked me into this scheme.
Tula: What about Cray?
Ren: She's gone, Tula.
Ioz: Then so are the Treasures.
Ren: Not quite. She left me a remembrance.
Tula: The poor woman...she let disappointment control her whole life!
Ren: Yes, Tula. I guess you have to learn which dreams to follow, and which to leave behind.