PoDW-15 This is a transcription for The Ghost Pirates episode of Pirates of Dark Water series.

Ioz: By Daven's beard--next time I let that monkeybird do the shopping. Who knows--maybe I'll just let Ren and Tula save the world, while I go back to being a real pirate again!
Stranger: You look like a real enough pirate to these old eyes, and I know where there's treasure for the taking.
Ioz: Treasure?
Stranger: A king's ransom, if you're not afraid of danger.
Ioz: Danger is my middle name. Where can I find this booty, old man?
Stranger: Just off this coast roams a strange ship so loaded with treasure that when the full moon shines, it glows like a diamond in the dark. Most are too frightened to come aboard, but for you, courage is no problem.
Ioz: Thanks for the story, old man, but it sounds more like a tall tale to me.
Stranger: Perhaps we will meet again...pirate.

Blast this Dark Water--we've lost track of the Wraith!
Morpho: You must head west. The son of Primus has gone that way.
Bloth: And how would you know that, Morpho?
Morpho: The Dark Water told me.
Bloth: Change course, Mantus!
Konk: But that will put us off the haunted coast!

Ahh, nothing like a full moon to sail by.
Niddler: Nothing like a full moon to eat by!
Ioz: This is for you, monkeybird.
Niddler: A poogat? I hate poogat!
Ioz: I thought you would.
Tula: Enh-! Ren! Maelstrom off the starboard bow!
Ren: Noy Jitat! By the two moons, we can't outrun them!
Ioz: Chongo-longo--but we can lose them! Make for that fog bank off the port bow.
Ren: Hard to port, Niddler.

Twist my soul! We'll never find them in this fog!

We lost them!
Tula: Maybe.
Ren: Scut pango! What's this?
Ioz: By the twenty seas--maybe that old man wasn't just spinning tales!
Niddler: What did you say, Ioz?
Ioz: Uh--I said this ship might need our help. Ren, pull alongside!
Ren: You might be right. We'll take a closer look.
Niddler: Think they have any decent food aboard?
Ren: It appears to be abandoned, Niddler.
Tula: Appearances can be deceiving. I sense danger, Ren--something's not right about this ship.
Ioz: Ecomantic bilge--I'm going aboard! And if there's treasure, I'm going to find it.
Ren: Ioz, sometimes your lust for treasure amazes me.
Tula: And someday it's going to get your top knot in a noose!
Ren: We'll go aft, Tula--it looks like Ioz is already handling things up here.
Ioz: It has to be here somewhere.
Niddler: Find any minga-melons?
Ioz: Get lost, monkeybird, before I shave your feathers.
Niddler: I'll take that as a no.
Ioz: Ay Jitata! I'm rich! By Kunda, monkeybird, I told you to get lost!
Ghost Woman: You picked well, Teng. This one is strong.
Ioz: Huh?
Ghost Woman: And as handsome as he is greedy--you'll make a fine addition to my crew!
Ioz: Not in this lifetime, wench. Uh-! Chongo-longo!
Ghost Man #1: You can't harm a ghost on a ghost ship, fool, unless you're a ghost yourself!
Ioz: Ghost-? Uhh!
Ghost Woman: Grovis! Don't hurt him...too much.
Ren: Ioz! Unh!
Tula: Enh!
Ren: Get back to the Wraith!
Ghost Woman: That won't be so easy, boy. On a ghost ship, the dead hold sway--ha-ha-ha-haah!
Ren: Ghost ship?
Tula: Scut pango--I should learn to trust my instincts. Move, Ren!
Ioz: Ghosts or no ghosts, I'm not leaving without this gold!
Ghost Woman: You're not leaving at all. Chain him--and destroy the others!
Ghosts: Rhaaa!
Niddler: Abandon ship! Oww! Let go-!
Ren: Niddler--look out! Yenh--Noy Jitat...I felt nothing!
Tula: Those Jitatin ghosts are only tough on their own ship.
Ren: But they have Ioz!

Ghost Man #2:
Cressa--the others got away.
Cressa: Who cares? I got what I wanted.
Ioz: Jitatin phantom--I'll never join your crew!
Cressa: You already have. And you'll be obeying my orders...for eternity--ha-ha-ha-haah!

We've gotta stay close until we can find a way to get Ioz off that ghost ship.

Keep away from me, ghost...
Cressa: Your captain's name is Cressa. Remember it well. You have spirit, Ioz...perhaps I'll make you my new first mate.
Grovis: Rrrr...
Ghost Man #2: Enemy off the starboard stern!
Cressa: Lose them, Grovis!
Ioz: This could be my chance...I can see why you need a new first mate! This kreld-eater handles your ship like a denbar sea slug! Uh-! Hitting a man in chains--you're yellow as a sun-bleached sail!
Grovis: Gah! If you were unchained, I'd tear you apart!
Cressa: Oh, don't let that spoil a good fight! Teng, take the wheel.
Grovis: Yaaaah!
Ioz: Huh? Ooooh--!
Grovis & Teng: Gah!
Ioz: Noy Jitat! I'm becoming one of them...!
Grovis: Yaaaah!
Ioz: I've got to get off this Jitatin ghost ship...
Ghost Pirates: *random grunting*
Ren: Ioz is making a run for it! Full sail, Tula!
Ioz: Chongo-longo, what took you so long? Unnh-?!
Ren: Ioz-!
Cressa: Unh-! Ah-ha-ha-ha-haah! Did you take me for a fool, Ioz? But I enjoyed watching you try to escape...and I'll enjoy watching your friends perish!
Tula: Ren! Island dead ahead!
Ren: Noy Jitat!
Niddler: We'll never turn in time!
Ren: Chonga! We've run aground and the ghost ship has vanished!
Tula: It passed right through these rocks!
Niddler: No sign of that ghost ship anywhere, Ren.
Ren: Then it either vanished into thin air...or it's inside this island!
Niddler: But there's no way in--unless you're a ghost?
Ren: Well, then we have to find one. Niddler, you stay here and patch the boat.

Over there! A hole in the rocks!
Tula: It could lead anywhere, Ren.
Ren: Hang on! Now to rescue our unlucky treasure-seeker. Let's go!
Tula: Noy Jita--!
Ren: Ioz!
Tula: You're turning into a ghost!
Ioz: And unless I get off this cursed barge by tonight's moonrise, I'll be one forever.
Ren: I'll have you out of here, my friend.
Ioz: It's hopeless, Ren--only another ghostly object can break these Jitatin chains.
Ren: Chongo-longo!
Cressa: Ahh, such loyalty...perhaps I should add you to my crew.
Ioz: It's too late for yourselves! Ooof...
Ren: We'll be back, Ioz, I swear it!
Tula: Hurry, Ren!
Ren and Tula?: Yaaaah!
Tula: Ren, the tide is rising! We've got to reach the blowhole before we're trapped!
Ren: They're gaining!
Cressa: We've got them new!
Ren & Tula: Aaah!
Cressa: Blast them!
Ren: We can't let that ghost ship get away!
Niddler: We have bigger problems than that ghost ship!
Ren: How much bigger can they get?
Niddler: About Maelstrom-sized.
Ren & Tula: Aah!
Tula: The Maelstrom's blocking us in!
Bloth: You've got nowhere to go, Jitata boy!
Niddler: No, but I do.
Konk: Konk get monkeybird! Scut pango...ghost ship! Aaah! Unh...
Bloth: Forget that worthless monkeybird! We've got bigger prey to slay!

Your boat is just pocket-change, boy, but this beauty will fetch me the remaining Treasures of Rule! Throw them to the constrictus!
Ren: You must be getting desperate, Bloth, to join up with this kreld-eating dark spawn.
Morpho: Wait! Our mutual enemies would better serve us as Dark Disciples--slaves to my master, the Dark Dweller.
Bloth: Very well, Morpho...I give you permission to make them our slaves.
Morpho: I will prepare the potion.

Don't fight it, Ioz...soon [?] the kindred spirits forever. You can't escape your fate...but it doesn't have to be an unpleasant one.
Ioz: Thanks, but I prefer my women live.

W-what that? Me won't rest easy till we out of these ghost waters...
Ren: Any ideas for getting those keys?
Tula: Maybe, if that piglet is as cowardly as I think he is--help me gather this dust.

Koooonk! Kooooonk!
Konk: W-w-what that?
Spirit: I am the ghost pirate! I have taken Ren and Tula and now I am coming for yooouuu...
Konk: No! Stay away!
Spirit: Kooooonk!
Tula: Did it work?
Ren: Like a charm! Now we must get off the Maelstrom and back to Ioz!
Tula: Ren, wait--the only way to beat a ghost is to become a ghost. I can ecomantically lower your body temperature until your spirit leaves your body.
Bloth: Konk, you pig-brain--they've escaped! Where did they go?
Konk: I told you, the ghost got them!
Bloth: If they get off this ship, I'll make you a ghost--permanently!
Tula: Ren, I must warn you--when I free your spirit, you will approach the veil of darkness.
Ren: You mean, I'm going to die?
Tula: No, you will still be alive--unless you remain out of your body too long.
Ren: How will I know?
Tula: You'll start to fade--and'll be gone.
Ren: I'm not afraid, Tula. I'm ready. So--cold! Ahh...Tula-! You did it!
Tula: H-hurry!
Konk: You see? The ghost killed Ren!
Bloth: I doubt that, but whatever killed him has done me a favor!
Tula: Oof! Uh--enh-!
Bloth: Once you taste the Dark Disciple's potion, I'll be rid of both my enemies!
Tula: No! Ren-!

Oh, what can one poor monkeybird do? Ghost down there, Bloth over there, Ren over there...d-d--Ren! D-don't tell me you're a g-ghost, too...!
Ren: N-not exactly, Niddler. But stay close to that ghost ship--I may need your help!

A minute more, and you will sail with me forever.
Ioz: I was a greedy fool to get lured in by your Jitatin ghost treasure...
Ren: I never thought I'd hear you admit that, Ioz!
Cressa: So, you want to keep your friend company? Shackle him!
Ghost Pirates: *shouts*
Cressa: You're a spirit! But how can this be?
Ghosts & Ren: *fighting grunts*
Ren: Who's next?
Cressa: I am!
Ren: Sure you can fight someone who can fight back?
Cressa: I'll do my best...Yield?
Ren: Never!
Ren & Cressa: *fighting grunts*
Ren: Your time is up!...Huh?
Ioz: Ren! The moon!
Ren & Cressa: *fighting grunts*
Ioz: All--is lost-!
Ren: Jump overboard! Now! Unh...uh...
Ioz: Ren--what's happening to you?
Ren: Noy Jitat--my time is running out...nooo!
Ioz: Thank Kunda!
Niddler: No--thank Ren! And me, of course...
Ren: Tula?
Constrictus: Roar!

One little drink and...
Pirates: *shouts of fear*
Bloth: Stop him, you idiots! So, you're alive! Let me kill you personally. Ahh! Get him off me!
Ioz: Get to the Wraith! I'll take this--
Ren: Man the helm, Ioz! Tula--fill the sails!
Bloth: After them! Torment my eyes--a ghost ship! Steer clear!
Konk: Look at all that gold!
Bloth: Be my guest, Konk...
Konk: Aaaah!
Grovis: You want this one?
Cressa: I lost the one I wanted.
Konk: Aaaah!
Cressa: Guess you can keep your job, Grovis.
Grovis: Yaaah!
Cressa: For now.

Thanks for not giving up on me, too.
Tula: Always happy to get your top knot out of a noose, Ioz.
Ioz: I trust you won't tell her what I said on that ghost ship?
Ren: What, about being a greedy fool? Don't worry--not a ghost of a chance.